Tovly Deutsch

I'm a senior studying CS and linguistics at Harvard, interested in NLP and ML. I completed a senior thesis focused on improving readability assessment systems, advised by Stuart Shieber and Masoud Jasbi. In my spare time, I enjoy filmmaking and blogging.


  • T. Deutsch, M. Jasbi, S. Shieber
    Linguistic Features for Readability Assessment
    Oral Presentation. [To appear in] Proceedings of the Fifteenth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications at ACL 2020
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  • A. Saleh, T. Deutsch*, S. Casper*, Y. Belinkov, S. Shieber
    Probing Neural Dialog Models for Conversational Understanding
    [To appear in] Second Workshop on NLP for Conversational AI at ACL 2020
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  • T. Deutsch
    Linguistic Features for Readability Assessment
    Senior Thesis
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